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Popular Silicone Bracelets

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Custom silicone bracelets are popular

Silicone bracelets are popular, and with the many ways that you can customize them, your options are limitless. Did you know that you can create your own bracelets with your favorite teams' colors? If you are looking for fund raising ideas for any of your school's teams, you should consider the popular rubber bracelets. You can get the name of your team, its colors, and even a shape of the mascot on your order of silicone bracelets. These are very rapid sellers with teenagers. You will want to be sure to order extras to prevent having disappointed customers who could not buy a rubber bracelet before they sold out.

Silicone Custom Wristbands are a popular and inexpensive way to promote your cause or business.

Silicone and Tyvek bracelets are the best option when you are looking for something for both boys and girls which is popular and cheap. Custom silicone bracelets are popular, you can see them everywhere, on the wrists of children, teens, and adults alike, often without knowing what they are called. They are the brightly colored slip-on rubber bracelets that people wear to promote breast cancer awareness, advertise for businesses, or match funky tennis shoes. First appearing in bright yellow to help raise funds for cancer research, personalized silicone bracelets took off, garnering millions both for non-profit organizations and regular for-profit companies. Cheap, trendy, and easily mass-produced, they have been used by endless organizations and businesses for advertisement and have provided a space for the expression of social and religious messages. Now there are hundreds of online companies offering bracelet making services to interested individuals and entities, whether for product promotion, fundraising, or fashion.

No longer do the bracelets come in single colors with plain old debossing; now they may be debossed, embossed, printed with silkscreen, ink filled, and color coated, and shoppers can find glow-in-the dark, tie-dye, swirled colors, segmented colors, and glitter items. Available in any font and color, custom silicone bracelets are so easy to create and personalize once one understands all of the terms and types. Embossed means that the letters on the bracelet are engraved into the silicone; debossed means that the letters are raised above the material. Printing one's message is the cheapest option; letters are printed onto the bracelet just as letters are printed onto a baseball jersey. Embossed letters may also be ink filled with a different color to make the message stand out more clearly.

Because so many personalized silicone bracelets are being worn today, people often don't pay as much attention to them as when the trend first started. For this reason, companies are beginning to get much more creative, in order to make their bands stand out from the crowd. Usually, a bracelet may be segmented into up to six colors or may have its colors swirled or tie-dyed. Shoppers can make purchases glow-in-the-dark or glittery for about ten cents extra per bracelet; also, some companies are beginning to offer figure bracelets, which have a little more design and shape to them than ordinary standard bands. These extra touches are helping to save custom silicone bracelets from fashion extinction.

So why should anyone choose custom silicone bracelets when there are so many other means of expression such as T-shirts, bumper stickers, fridge magnets, lanyards, and key chains? One answer is that this item can be worn every day and is less likely to be thrown in the garbage or stuck in a drawer and forgotten; plus, it is much cheaper to mass produce than a T-shirt. Schools can hand these bracelets out to students to inspire school spirit or as part of a character-building program; silicone bands make excellent souvenirs for church camps, family reunions, sports events, and graduations. Wristbands may advertise for an upstart band, promote a concert, and help solidify a fan base. Also, people with serious medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, or severe allergies may wear them to let people know of their condition in case of an emergency.

Of course, individuals wear personalized silicone bracelets just for fun, to express their personalities, fashion taste, and personal values. Examples include wearing items with one's name, favorite quote, or primary personal characteristic, like "sassy" or "joyful." Children and teens will especially enjoy this, as they can inscribe the name of a favorite actor or singer or baseball player, make friendship bracelets with both friends' names included, and create matching looks for their teams, clubs, and cliques. Some people might like to wear a band bearing the name of a loved one or pet that has passed away, telling of religious beliefs, or inspiring others with unique and hopeful messages. Christians, for example, might want to use personalized wristbands to pass on these comforting words: "God is love" (1 John 4:16).

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